Fun Lunch is a PTO fundraising program that offers Willard students a catered lunch once a week (usually Fridays) for a fee. The program is offered to students in grades 1-4 and younger students who attend Willard for a full day. Fun Lunch is the PTO's biggest fundraiser. It also provides a great break for the person who usually makes lunch.

Our goal is to provide students with a well-balanced meal that includes an entree, fruit or vegetable (for example, carrots or apple slices), and 2 Oreo cookies for dessert. We try to use local vendors who offer a few choices to meet a range of preferences. Menus and vendors may change from school year to school year, but food offerings typically stay the same throughout each school year.

RestaurantEntreesOptional Extras/Sides
Jim & Pete's (Pizza)Cheese Slice
Sausage Slice
Cheese Slice
Sausage Slice
Garden Side Salad
Jim & Pete's (Pasta)Buttered Noodles
Marinara Noodles
4 Meatballs (no pasta)
Extra Buttered Noodles
Extra Marinara Noodles
Meatballs (2)
Garden Side Salad
Buona 1Italian Beef Sandwich (5")
Macaroni & Cheese (12 oz)
Chicken Tenders (3)
Chicken Tenders (2)
Buona 2
Chicken Tenders (3)
Meatball Sandwich (2 meatballs)
Macaroni & Cheese (12 oz)
Macaroni & Cheese (6 oz)


Volunteers are always needed to help with the Willard PTO Fun Lunch! You can register for your dates and times at Whether you volunteer for one lunch or many, we are grateful for your participation in the PTO's biggest fundraiser.

For more information, please contact:

Ashley Palmer


Parents order Fun Lunch twice a year during the 2 Fun Lunch ordering periods.

  • 1st Ordering Period, August 18-28: Covers lunch from September-January.
  • 2nd Ordering Period, January 8-20: Covers lunch from February-May.


Fun Lunch offers entrees for $6 and optional extras/sides for $2. Your total cost for the ordering period is $6 per meal (and $2 per extra/side, if ordered) multiplied by the number of times that meal will be served in that period (typically 4-5 times). We offer 4 different meals, and you can order some or all of the meals offered.


We offer an extra slice of pizza, extra serving of noodles, or a side salad as extras/sides. All extras/sides are optional and only available if you purchase the meal's entree. We can only serve a student extras/sides if these items were ordered in advance.


During the ordering periods, you have two options:

  1. Order on the Web Store (preferred method, minimizes errors); or
  2. Submit form w/payment to the Fun Lunch mailbox in the school office.

Food Safety

The District and the PTO realize that certain food products contain peanuts and/or nuts, or are prepared with peanut and or nut-based products. If your child currently receives Fun Lunches or is interested in joining the program and suffers from a known peanut and/or nut allergy, please contact Willard School immediately. While the District and the PTO have taken precautions to strictly avoid peanut and/or nut based products in the program's lunches, the District and the PTO cannot ensure that all Fun Lunches will be peanut and/or nut free. Please call Willard School if you have any questions.